Meaning of Home Grade Six Runner-Up!

We are thrilled to reveal the grade 6 runner-up winner of Habitat Canada’s 2024 Meaning of Home contest! This year, Rihanna Robin has touched our hearts with her beautiful poem […]

Donor Spotlight: Aaron Robinson

Aaron Robinson started working in real estate to help people. When he joined the Realtors® Community Foundation, he realized the tremendous impact their support had in his own community. Here’s […]

Gerry’s volunteer story

After retiring, Gerry was looking for a place to spend his newfound free time. ReStore offered the perfect spot to volunteer and utilize his skills. These days, Gerry spends his […]

Volunteering in all corners of Habitat

Meet John, one of Habitat Edmonton’s longtime volunteers. John’s journey with Habitat began in 2011, when he noticed an advertisement for volunteers on a Habitat Edmonton build site. He was […]

Why Larry loves volunteering at ReStore 

Larry was newly retired and looking for ways to fill his time. He had learned about ReStore and inquired about volunteering, but decided it was the place for him when […]

Krystle’s long road to homeownership

The night of July 18, Krystle laid in bed wide awake, too excited to sleep. It was raining, but the overcast skies didn’t darken her bright and sunny attitude because […]

Chuck’s love for ReStore

When Chuck isn’t working on and showing off his 1921 Ford Model T, you can find him supporting several charitable organizations. Chuck regularly donates blood and visits seniors’ homes to […]

A Family’s Life Transformed

When Wendy reflects on life before she owned her Habitat home, she can hardly believe how much has changed. When she first came to Canada and settled in Edson, finding […]

Building affordable homeownership together

For over a decade, the REALTORS® Community Foundation (RCF) has supported Habitat Edmonton. With their help, Habitat Edmonton has empowered hundreds of families to take control of their future and […]

Volunteering That Drives Positive Change

Three years ago, Joe received an invitation from a friend to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Little did he know that a single day of volunteering would turn into […]

Amy’s Journey to Independence

Amy and her daughter, Isabelle, lived in low-income housing in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The longer Amy spent in her apartment, the more she realized it was not where she wanted […]

Donna’s and Albert’s journey to empowerment

Donna and Albert sat on the floor of their empty apartment, filled with excitement and anticipation about moving. Having just received keys to their Habitat home, all their possessions were […]

Re-Inventing at ReStore

If you’ve ever visited ReStore and chatted about upcycling with a volunteer, you might have met Inez! Five years ago, Inez retired and was searching for somewhere to volunteer. When […]

Unpacked for good: Rhea’s Story

How can we better support our kids to be confident and free to express themselves? Having the freedom to roam, make friendships and provide a safe and stable environment can transform hearts and minds. Rhea’s dream was for a home where her son and daughter could fully unpack without fear of moving and switching schools, and her life changed when she became a Habitat homeowner.

Free to be me: Amanda’s Story

How are you living unboxed? The answer varies from person to person, but at Habitat for Humanity Edmonton, we believe that living unboxed means having the freedom and the space to do something new that you have always wanted to do. Starting a garden, travelling, decorating rooms without restrictions – anything is possible!

Finding Home: Emerald’s Story

Have you ever had a Goldilocks moment when you stumble across something that feels just right? For Emerald, seeing her home for the first time was that moment. “It felt like a sign. For some reason, there’s a part of me that was drawn to the home, out of all the homes that were available at that time, there was something about that home when I walked in that felt like this is the home that I can raise my children in.”

Team Bonding at ReStore

Habitat Edmonton volunteers speak highly about their time in ReStore, from the relationships they’ve made to the skills they’ve built. Travis Nowak, a former ReStore volunteer and staff member, also […]

Safety and stability at Aurora Place

When Rhea reflects on life before she owned her home, she thinks of instability. She had been renting since she was 18, and her 11 year old son, Caine, had […]

Emerald’s New Beginning

Life was about to change for Emerald and her son, Calem. Although her small apartment initially met her family’s needs, Emerald learned she was pregnant with her second son, Andre. […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Jim

Habitat for Humanity came on Jim Matheson’s radar while living in Singapore, where he learned that student and teachers were building homes for widows in Cambodia. He admired Habitat’s impact […]

Volunteer spotlight: Edgar

Meet Edgar, one of our wonderful ReStore volunteers! Although he has volunteered with Habitat Edmonton for 19 years, Edgar’s desire to help those in need began much earlier. Before Habitat, […]

A new life in Neufeld Landing

In their cozy home in Habitat’s Neufeld Landing development, you can find Amanda and her daughter, Hailey-Lynn, relaxing. Since July 2022, Amanda has owned her own home, and she could […]

Amanda’s dream of a Carter Place home

Amanda knew about Habitat for Humanity for many years, but it was not until she moved to Edmonton that she became interested in owning her own home through Habitat. While […]

Bill and Ted’s Excellent ReStore Adventure

Pictured: ReStore volunteers Ted (left) and Bill (right)

Bill and Ted are two of our wonderful ReStore volunteers, and over the years, they have formed a strong friendship. Ted first volunteered with Habitat when he received a letter […]

Opening doors for Fartun and her children

Fartun and her children moved into their Habitat home in December 2021, and over the past year, home ownership has transformed their life. Before Habitat, Fartun and her children lived […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Paul

Paul is a talented and dedicated volunteer who has supported Habitat Edmonton in many ways throughout the years. Paul began his journey with Habitat over five years ago while volunteering […]

Angela’s Story

Before Habitat, Angela and her son, Cobus, lived in an apartment building where they did not feel safe. Although Angela had two jobs and worked hard to save money, she […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Tracey and Farrah

Meet Tracey and Farrah, ReStore’s talented Staging Volunteers. Although the two began volunteering at ReStore a short three months ago, they have already had a huge impact. This skilled duo […]