Walks in the park and at ReStore: why Henry volunteers

Henry is an avid walker. Only a few minutes from his home is a beautiful park, Bunchberry Meadows, which he regularly visits with his wife. While there, Henry spends time admiring the mix of trees, pines, spruce, and birch, and the array of berries scattered along the trail. This past summer, Henry says clusters of raspberries grew, filling the park with a bright beautiful red. It is hard to imagine anything that would pull Henry away from this gorgeous park, but there is another way he enjoys spending his free time: volunteering at ReStore.

At ReStore, you will find Henry helping in any way he can. He unloads donations from trucks and helps customers load their purchases into their vehicles. He stocks shelves and prices items in addition to assembling furniture and fixing anything electrical that might need to be refurbished. Although Henry only began volunteering at ReStore in September, he already feels at home. He says that everyone at ReStore is helpful and supportive, and he loves spending time with staff and volunteers.

Feeling valued at ReStore is one of the reasons why Henry continues to return. He knows how important it is to empower families through affordable homeownership and believes that Habitat is promoting positive values and encouraging people to do good in their community. Henry also knows that ReStore is helping the environment by providing people with a place to donate their well-loved items, or purchase used items instead of buying new. As an added bonus, ReStore provides Henry with a chance learn new skills and gain experience, so he appreciates that more people in his community can do the same.

Henry feels happy at ReStore and says he leaves each day grateful to be a part of such a great organization. ReStore remains an important part of Henry’s life as he takes on other opportunities and activities, in addition to his walks in Bunchberry Meadows, of course.

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