Our Buy Back Program

Habitat’s Buy Back Program provides Habitat with the option to repurchase a home from a Habitat homeowner in order to serve another family, couple or individual with that same house.

When a home is repurchased, the homeowner receives the equity accrued over their time in the Habitat program. The homeowner will use their equity to purchase a home on the open market or put it towards other meaningful life goals. Habitat then performs any needed repairs to the property and makes it available for another family in need of a “hand-up”.  One home can serve several families over the course of its life, and the cost to serve a family through the Buy Back program is a fraction of what it costs to serve a family through new construction. 

To date, we have served over 280 families through Buy Backs. Over the past five years, we have served an average of 30 families a year through Buy Backs, and 19 through new construction. 


Listen to how the Boyds’ lives were changed through homeownership. This family purchased a home through Habitat’s Buy Back Program. 


Real people, real stories

“I can say it no more succinctly than this – and as I type, I realize I am falling short – the work Habitat has done for my family and I has blessed me every single day of my life and it will continue to do so as long as I live. I can never repay this, all I can do is say thank you.”


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