Putting down roots: Michael’s journey to homeownership

Since moving from his parents’ house seven years ago, Michael struggled to find a safe place to call home. Although he always had a roof over his head, he was frequently forced to uproot himself and move to yet another uncertain apartment. Each time he found a new place to live, bad roommates or expensive rent created an unstable environment where Michael rarely felt comfortable or safe. Things finally began to change the day he learned about Habitat Edmonton.

Initially, Michael was hesitant to apply for Habitat homeownership. He was worried that he wouldn’t qualify, but with a much-needed push from his girlfriend, Michael sent in his application. Although he was approved for homeownership and began looking at available homes, Michael remained nervous, thinking this opportunity was sure to fall out from underneath him like so many others. It wasn’t until Michael received the keys that he realized he was finally a homeowner.

Now, Michael lives in a spacious home, unlike his small one-bedroom apartment before. He says he is excited to be a better pet owner and provide his cat, Z, with the stable home she needs. He is also looking forward to crafting his own space exactly how he likes it, without needing to worry about permission from roommates or landlords. Finally, Michael is living in a home he feels proud of.

“I’m home for the first time since I was a kid,” says Michael. “I’m in a place where I feel like I can be here for a long time.”  

It isn’t just his home that has improved, but his neighbourhood, his commute to work, and more. Michael feels safer and enjoys having a strip mall with both a walk-in clinic and a vet right across the street. He is closer to work, and no longer needs to travel for hours by bus to and from work each day. At 30, Michael is thrilled to be a homeowner. Now that he doesn’t need to worry about theft or rent, he feels secure. He is ready to take steps towards creating a better life for himself through things like car ownership and savings.

Learn how you can become a homeowner and build strength, stability, and self-reliance.