How homeownership transformed Cheryl’s life

Cheryl’s memory of the first time she stepped into her Habitat home is crystal clear. When she received the news that she would become a homeowner, she was too excited to wait for her sons to get home, so she jumped in her car and headed over to her new home. Cheryl quickly got to work picking out each room for her family. She knew her oldest son, Logan, would need storage space for his collectables, so she chose the room with the biggest closets. She picked out the guest room, where Cheryl’s daughter and her daughter’s husband would stay when they visited, a room for herself, and one for her youngest son. Almost too excited to speak, Cheryl was ready to pack everything up and move-in that instant.

At the time, Cheryl lived in a small home and had received word that her rent would be increasing. Cheryl and her sons had started packing, but unsure of where to go, their belongings sat at the front door. While looking for options, Cheryl came across an available Habitat home and thought it would be perfect for her family. The three-storey home had four bedrooms and a basement, a much better living arrangement than they currently had. It also had a backyard, where Cheryl envisioned a vegetable garden, and flowers in the front. Without a second thought, Cheryl send in her application and waited patiently.

Shortly after Cheryl learned she was approved, she and her sons began packing the rest of their things as quickly as they could. With only two weeks to move, everything was a blur, and Cheryl is still finding herself unpacking boxes months later. Each time she opens another box, she is reminded that she now owns a safe and stable home. She does not need to worry about increases in rent or finding a new home, and she is able to pick up old hobbies like sewing and gardening. Their old home’s 22 stairs to the fourth floor made Cheryl feel like she was climbing Mount Everest each day, but their Habitat home is much more accessible.

Owning a home has made transformational change in her children’s lives as well. Logan’s collectables no longer sit in bins, but are proudly displayed in his room. During hectic mornings, two showers provide plenty of getting-ready space, and the boys enjoy the close proximity to downtown and shopping malls, providing them with more independence.

Homeownership has transformed Cheryl’s life, and she is proud. She said it tickles her heart every time she remembers she owns a home.

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