Volunteer spotlight: Edgar

Meet Edgar, one of our wonderful ReStore volunteers! Although he has volunteered with Habitat Edmonton for 19 years, Edgar’s desire to help those in need began much earlier.

Before Habitat, Edgar travelled frequently with his church to volunteer. For three weeks at a time, Edgar visited the United States to help families rebuild their homes lost to fires or floods. Eventually, Edgar’s giving nature led him to Habitat for Humanity’s work in his home community of Edmonton.

Edgar’s first volunteer experience with Habitat Edmonton was over 19 years ago. Since then, he has worked on several builds such as the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project. Although he originally volunteered on construction sites, Edgar became a dedicated ReStore volunteer 4 years ago. He first volunteered at ReStore when travel to a build site became difficult. Edgar decided to give ReStore a try instead, and says he is glad he did.

Although he has transitioned from build sites to ReStore, Edgar’s desire to support those around him stays strong. He volunteers at ReStore because he enjoys serving people and meeting so many interesting, fun, and unique people. Edgar remembers volunteering with a homeowner who was struggling to meet her volunteer hours. As they got to know each other, he encouraged her to bring her family and friends from church to help meet her hours, but she was hesitant to ask for help. Edgar personally reached out to her church and asked if they would consider helping the homeowner. They agreed, and in only two days, over 200 volunteer hours were completed for her.

Edgar has touched the lives of countless people throughout his time at Habitat. Receiving hugs from homeowners is not uncommon for Edgar, many who thank him for his support. Like those homeowners, we too, are grateful for Edgar’s dedication over the years. 

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