Finding Home: Emerald’s Story

Have you ever had a Goldilocks moment when you stumble across something that feels just right? For Emerald, seeing her home for the first time was that moment. “It felt like a sign,” she said. “For some reason, there’s a part of me that was drawn to the home. Out of all the homes that were available at that time, there was something about that home. When I walked in I felt like this is the home that I can raise my children in.”

Emerald and her sons Calem and Andre, are discovering all their new community has to offer. As a single mother, Emerald wanted to give her sons a stable home that was affordable and convenient, while balancing school and providing for her family. While working full-time, Emerald prioritizes child care for her boys. When she isn’t working in the office, working from home has given her more time to spend with her family without worrying about the uncertainty of what’s next. Knowing that she can provide for her sons has given her a sense of honour and pride, despite her circumstances.

The homeownership journey

The transition from applying to becoming a homeowner started with a phone call. Encouraged by her family, Emerald applied to the Habitat for Humanity Homeownership Program with little expectation that she would be accepted. “It was a bit nerve-wracking not knowing what to expect from the process or whether I would be eligible.” Receiving the phone call that she was approved was a step in the right direction.

“It took some time for me to absorb,” says Emerald. “It felt like a dream until I received the keys and we walked into the home on our possession date.” 

Learning to live life unboxed

Living unboxed has allowed Emerald to spend her time investing in new friendships in the neighborhood and exploring all that her community has to offer. With peace of mind that her children live in a safe neighborhood and can express themselves, she has let her creativity fly through decorating their home. Emerald’s latest project is a hydroponic indoor garden for vegetables that she plans to transition into an outdoor garden. Through cooking and decorating with her sons, Emerald hopes to see them flourish in a home where they feel free to be themselves and be grounded in one place.

Without fear of moving again, Emerald is looking to continue her education at McEwan University to provide a better future for Calem and Andre. Habitat’s homeownership program is designed to be sustainable, allowing homeowners to have peace of mind about their home while also growing personally. When reflecting on how homeownership has changed her outlook on life, Emerald feels confident that regardless of what uncertainties may arise, she has peace of mind that with perseverance, anything is possible.

“I would tell anyone interested in the program to just try,” said Emerald. 

Homeownership is often viewed as unattainable if you do not fit the mold. At Habitat for Humanity, we take a person-centered approach to homeownership, meeting you as you are and not who you believe you have to be, and opening a door to help you become a homeowner today. Regardless of your situation, being a homeowner can be your reality through Habitat. 

When you hear the phrase, “live life unboxed”, what comes to mind? In the Edmonton area and beyond, many see owning their own home as a far-fetched dream, but what if we told you it was possible now? Our new Habitat homeowners are discovering new possibilities because they took the greatest risk: believing that they could. We want to help support you as you move into your own Habitat home and move forward and reach your goals. What’s holding you back from believing in yourself today? 

Check out our process and see if you are eligible today.