A new life in Neufeld Landing

In their cozy home in Habitat’s Neufeld Landing development, you can find Amanda and her daughter, Hailey-Lynn, relaxing. Since July 2022, Amanda has owned her own home, and she could not be happier.

 Amanda was at her wits end with renting and was tired of the uncertainties and complications she experienced. However, she struggled to find an alternative that was affordable, and was unaware of a path that could take her from renting to owning. One day, Amanda’s friend and former roommate suggested Habitat for Humanity, and encouraged her to look into becoming a Habitat homeowner.  Amanda wasted no time and immediately started researching to learn more about the Habitat program and if she might be eligible.

As she searched through the available homes on the website, Amanda found herself regularly returning to homes at Neufeld Landing. The 64 home development caught her eye, and Amanda decided that this was where she wanted to live. Although she said the application process was straightforward, she grew nervous once she officially sent in her application. Only three months later, Amanda received an exciting call. She would become a homeowner.

When she and Hailey-Lynn heard the good news, they were ecstatic. Amanda immediately jumped in their car and drove to Neufeld Landing to show Hailey-Lynn their new home and neighborhood. One of the first things her daughter did was ride her bike around the neighborhood. After they moved in, Amanda and Hailey-Lynn wasted no time making the home their own. For the first time in their lives, they painted their bathroom, bedrooms, and living room exactly the way they wanted.

Amanda loves her neighborhood, and she appreciates her friendly neighbours, and the ease of travel to nearby amenities. While their old home kept them warm, it was gloomy and dark, and Amanda often felt depressed. It was also unaffordable, and she spent so much on rent each month that she was unable to save for her daughter’s future.

Now, Amanda pays significantly less each month, and is able to study for a career in accounting and payroll. Unlike their rental house, Amanda’s Habitat home is open and full of light. She is happy; the home is cozy and comfortable, and requires much less cleaning. Amanda enjoys simply caring for her front steps, yard, and backway.

Hailey-Lynn’s school is much closer, and she enjoys taking the bus to and from school each day. She often visits the mall with her friends, something difficult not too long ago. The neighbourhood is much quieter, and both Amanda and Hailey-Lynn enjoy having respectful neighbours.

To Amanda, home ownership means security and independence. It means she has financial freedom and stability, and she does not worry about rental increases. As a single mom, Amanda is grateful for Habitat and the opportunity to own a long-term home. She thanks everyone who helped her with the process of applying for a home. Amanda says Hailey-Lynn is also grateful for the support they received, and often says she loves her new home and never ever wants to move.

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