Building affordable homeownership together

For over a decade, the REALTORS® Community Foundation (RCF) has supported Habitat Edmonton. With their help, Habitat Edmonton has empowered hundreds of families to take control of their future and become homeowners. By donating and giving their time, realtors from across Edmonton bring affordable homeownership to families in our community.

The RCF has brought realtors together to give back to their community for over 30 years. This year, they made their largest gift in history when they donated $200,000 to Habitat Edmonton. Supporting grassroots organizations within their community is a focus for the RCF, and with similar goals and values, a partnership between Habitat Edmonton and the RCF was an easy decision.

“As realtors, we know the impact that homeownership makes in a persons life, and Habitat’s work aligns perfectly with what we do,” says Nicole Mackoway, Interim Executive Director, REALTORS® Community Foundation. “It’s great to provide people with that feeling of ownership and pride.”

In addition to donating, many RCF members have been participating on a Habitat build site. This has shown them firsthand how their support is transforming lives. Over the next year, REALTORS® Community Foundation members will continue to help build two homes on the Orest Myckan Legacy Build for families in Edmonton’s Montrose community.

“It’s very exciting to have the opportunity to swing a hammer,” says Nicole. “Habitat’s work aligns so well with realtors who will have a chance to see first-hand how a house is built.”

With the ongoing affordable housing conversation, it is clear that homeownership is out of reach for so many Albertans. Many families are ready to own a home, but expensive down payments and being stuck in the rent cycle might keep them from realizing their dream. Nicole says that the RCF appreciates how Habitat empowers families who need a hand-up into homeownership.

Habitat Edmonton is grateful for the support the RCF has provided over the past decade. Together, we continue to empower families to become homeowners.