How Jefferson discovered the key to affordable homeownership

On a warm and sunny day in 2022, Jefferson drove around his town of Rocky Mountain House. Despite the lovely weather, his thoughts were clouded with concern for his wife, Marisol, and his daughter, Eira. They all lived in his parents’ basement suite, which was quickly becoming inadequate for his family, especially considering they had a second child on the way. Jefferson had yet to secure a home that fit his growing family’s needs, despite trying for months. Every promising opportunity for homeownership was quickly crushed by expensive down payments and monthly mortgage payments. As he drove around town clearing his thoughts, a sign in front of a beautiful house that said, “Habitat for Humanity” caught his eye. Jefferson got out of his car to take a closer look. Although he didn’t know it at the time, this was the beginning of a homeownership journey that would transform his family’s life.   

Learning about Habitat’s affordable homeownership program filled Jefferson with a mixture of joy and anxiety. This could be his chance to finally own a home and provide his family with the stability they desperately needed. On the other hand, he was nervous that his hopes would be crushed again. Despite his concern, Jefferson took the leap and applied. To his surprise, he soon received a call from Habitat inviting him to view the available homes in his community and choose his future home.

“I was confused when I got the call and so I asked her, ‘what do you mean?’,” said Jefferson. “Habitat said ‘well, you’re approved!’ I was so excited and happy, and I immediately told my family.”

Since moving, life has changed dramatically. The family is no longer cramped in a small basement suite – instead, children have their own rooms and a place to relax. Their home is in a safe neighbourhood with a spacious backyard, and the children have no shortage of space to play and run. For Jefferson and Marisol, owning a home has changed their lives. Marisol spends her free time gardening in the summers while Jefferson maintains the home. He’s proud of staining the deck and setting up a gazebo in the backyard. Gone are sleepless nights spent worrying about housing and affordability. When Jefferson drives around town, he enjoys the warm weather and sun, his thoughts no longer filled with concern about housing.

Jefferson would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who helped him become a homeowner. With Habitat’s support, he was empowered to own his own home, and build strength, stability, and self-reliance for his family. Learn how you can own an affordable home.