Breaking the Rent Cycle: Muhammad and Sana’s Homeownership Story

When Muhammad and his wife, Sana, completed their application for a Habitat home, they were filled with both anxiety and excitement. This was a big step for the couple who had only ever rented. After moving from Saskatoon to Edmonton, they had hoped for a home they could afford but found they needed an expensive down payment and that monthly payments were more than they could handle. As a result, Muhammad, Sana, and their children Dua, Huda, and Abdullah, were stuck in the rent cycle for years. The couple was so used to renting that owning a home seemed like only a dream, even when they discovered Habitat’s program. They sat in front of their computer, hesitant to click a button to submit their application. Thankfully, Muhammad summoned the courage to apply, marking the beginning of their homeownership journey.

A surprising email arrived a few weeks later to confirm that their application was successful! A short while later, Muhammad and Sana stood in their empty apartment with their belongings packed, waving goodbye to renting and hello to homeownership. They were more than ready to turn their backs on their small apartment with a noisy roommate and no backyard and move to a home that fit their needs. 

Now, Sana is content in her home. She organizes how she sees fit, making the space her own, and she is providing her children with the childhood she said she never had; helping them decorate their rooms and encouraging them to play in the backyard. Homeownership provides Muhammad with stability – and a sense of relief! – knowing that every mortgage payment is building equity and a bright future.

“If my wife is happy, then I am happy,” says Muhammad. “My kids are happy too, and I have my own personalized space to relax. Everything is good to me now.”

Muhammad says that owning a home is one of the biggest decisions he has ever made, and he is grateful to have been empowered by Habitat. He encourages anyone interested in homeownership to apply today!