Amanda’s dream of a Carter Place home

Amanda knew about Habitat for Humanity for many years, but it was not until she moved to Edmonton that she became interested in owning her own home through Habitat. While in Edmonton, Amanda learned about the 2017 Carter Build. At this build, former US President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn Carter helped build a total of 58 homes in what is known today as Carter Place. When she heard about the build, Amanda began dreaming of owning a home there. She cautiously applied to be a home owner, but her application was not successful at the time.  

Despite this set back, Amanda did not give up on her dream of home ownership. After five more years, she decided she was ready, and re-applied. When she visited the website to view available homes, she was thrilled to see a five bedroom apartment available in Carter Place. She immediately filled out an application and anxiously awaited the news. Shortly after applying, Amanda learned she was approved as a Habitat homeowner.

“Learning I was approved was almost overwhelming in a way,” says Amanda. “[Homeownership] was something I had been dreaming of for so many years, and I didn’t think it would happen. It was a dream come true.”

In August 2022, Amanda and her two children moved into their home at Carter Place. This home differed from their last in a number of ways. While their previous home was old and needed many repairs, their Habitat home is outfitted with newer appliances. Their old home was drafty, and keeping the space warm meant higher utility bills. Their Habitat home is warm, and better insulation now means lower utility costs. In their old home, the rooms were small and they did not have much space. Now, Amanda now has an office, her daughter has more space in her room, and her son enjoys having the basement to himself.

Since moving, Amanda has noticed changes in her children. She says her son, Jayden, was withdrawn and isolated at their old home, and frequently stayed in his room. Now, Jayden’s confidence has increased. He now has a full time job and is looking forward to a post-secondary education. Amanda’s daughter, Bella, loves her larger room, and enjoys decorating her space as she pleases. Like her daughter, Amanda too customizes her home, and is looking forward to installing a raised garden in their front yard this summer. 

To Amanda, home ownership means family. She knows she can keep her children safe and secure, and is confident now that she has a home to call her own. Although Amanda was not successful when she first applied for Habitat home ownership, she worked hard to achieve her dream. She encourages anyone considering Habitat home ownership to apply.

“Even if it’s a ‘no’ at first, it just means not yet,” she says. View available homes at Carter Place and more;