How homeownership made transformational change in Tesfamichael’s life

Tesfamichael, his wife Senait, and their three children moved into their Habitat home in August. Transitioning from a small townhouse, his family was amazed at the amount of space they now had in their Habitat home and knew that life would never be the same.  

It wasn’t an easy start for the family. Tesfamichael decided it was time to find a new home for his family when Senait wanted to pursue employment. Unfortunately, they discovered that if she did get a job, their rent would increase. An increase in rent was not in the family’s budget, so Tesfamichael started looking for a new rental home. It wasn’t until his friend encouraged him to apply for Habitat homeownership that Tesfamichael thought owning a home was even a possibility.

Nervous but excited, Tesfamichael applied for Habitat homeownership. Having completed the first step, Tesfamichael said he was “very, very happy”. A short while later he received word that he was approved for a mortgage on the Habitat home. He wasted no time and immediately shared the great news with his family, who were so thrilled they asked if they could move into their home that very minute!

Now, Tesfamichael’s three children live in a home that fits their needs. While their last home had a backyard, there was little room for the kids to play or for Tesfamichael and Senait to relax. The kids now run freely in the backyard. His daughter enjoys decorating her room, and Tesfamichael and Senaite also decorate their house with their personal tastes. Tesfamichael says their Habitat home is a step-up from their previous home, and as he looks around, he notices that everyone in his home is happy.

For Tesfamichael, homeownership is happiness. He no longer worries about paying rent each month, and his wife can work. Her employment will grow her confidence and independence and will empower both parents as they save for their children’s future.

Tesfamichael encourages anyone interested in owning a home to apply for Habitat homeownership. He does not have enough words to explain how grateful he is for the support he has received and is thankful for the opportunity to own his own home.

Learn how you can take control of your future through Habitat homeownership.