Chuck’s love for ReStore

When Chuck isn’t working on and showing off his 1921 Ford Model T, you can find him supporting several charitable organizations. Chuck regularly donates blood and visits seniors’ homes to display his car and chat with residents. It is no surprise that, due to his charitable nature, Chuck also loves spending his time volunteering at ReStore.

Chuck learned about ReStore from a friend who invited him to volunteer and, by the end of his first day, Chuck had a blast. He was eager to spend more of his time at ReStore and inquired about helping at the new ReStore in Sherwood Park. He began volunteering long before it opened its doors to the public and spent his days stocking shelves and preparing the store for customers.

When we opened the Sherwood Park store in 2021, Chuck continued to volunteer at ReStore. Now he can be found in the back of the store, testing donations and repairing items for sale. He is happy to help with whatever needs to be done, such as electrical work or stocking shelves. 

Chuck chooses to spend his time at ReStore because he believes in Habitat’s work in his community. He gets a good feeling knowing that his time is giving families a hand-up so they can become homeowners. Chuck also likes visiting with staff and volunteers at ReStore. He feels welcomed and enjoys the positive attitude and happiness that surrounds him as he volunteers.

It is thanks to the support of wonderful volunteers like Chuck that Habitat Edmonton can continue to help families build strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable homeownership.

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