Preparing for the future through affordable home ownership

“‘Edmonton is currently seeing a record pace of international migration and interprovincial in-migration at a high level not seen in a decade,’ wrote CMHC in the report.” – CMHC, Housing Market Outlook (Spring 2023)

There are always different projections of what the future holds for Albertans; however, one constant is the need for affordable home ownership. Edmonton will be bracing for a potential influx of migrants and immigrants in 2024, and these migrants and immigrants will need houses to rent or homes to own. As rental vacancies begin to disappear, the need for Habitat’s program will be even greater than it is today.

Although renting has its place, families looking to settle long-term desire stability and independence, which is afforded by home ownership. Unfortunately, many families, couples, singles, and seniors are priced out of market home ownership due to factors beyond their control. Perhaps they need a down payment, but find themselves back at square one after each paycheque. For others it may be an inability to secure traditional financing through a financial institute.

Habitat for Humanity Edmonton occupies a unique place on the housing continuum. We empower people who cannot afford a traditional down payment, and whose household income is between $45,000 and $75,000, to move into affordable home ownership. It’s not only the down payment and income bracket that makes our program unique. We offer a special mortgage structure that provides savings offered nowhere else.

We help families gain control over their future by providing a way to exit the rent cycle and build their own equity. In essence, Habitat places a house key in the hands of families so that they are the ones in control of their future.

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