A hand-up: How Habitat Edmonton is transforming families’ lives.

When you think of home, you might picture a cozy bedroom or a spacious living room. Your house could be small and blue, one storey, or maybe two. It might be in busy downtown or nestled in a quiet neighbourhood. Regardless of the details, most would imagine home as a secure and affordable place to relax at the end of the day. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many Albertans.

Although a recent report showed that 29% of renters in Alberta have thought about purchasing a home, homeownership remains unaffordable for many. With 34% of renters spending between 31-50% of their income on rent, there is little opportunity to save for a down payment, and many families find themselves stuck in the rent cycle.

Even with these difficult barriers, it is possible for families and individuals to own a home. In northern Alberta, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton is offering a hand-up into homeownership. Our affordable program reduces the financial burden and provides parents with the opportunity to make positive, generational changes in their children’s lives. Habitat Canada’s recent survey revealed that 86% of Canadians agree that homeownership creates more stability, strengthens their financial future, and leads to better health, and that’s exactly what our program does.

To date, we’ve helped over 880 Albertans become homeowners, resulting in thousands of parents and children securing a safe and stable home. One of those parents is Krystle, a single mother living in Fort Saskatchewan. Before Habitat, she rented a small apartment where she lived with her two daughters. Cramped and uncomfortable, she desperately wanted to provide her children with a more spacious and secure home. Through Habitat, Krystle was able to purchase her own home. Now, the girls enjoy jumping on a trampoline in their backyard while Krystle relaxes on her patio set. She is thrilled to provide her daughters with a safe and secure home, and she sees them gaining confidence as they grow.

Although families across Alberta are feeling the effects of the current housing crisis, Habitat Edmonton provides an opportunity to break free from the rent cycle and achieve homeownership. With the support of our donors, ReStore shoppers and donors, and volunteers, we are looking forward to empowering many more Albertans through affordable homeownership. Read how you can help!

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