New beginnings in Slave Lake

Blessing and Florence have been homeowners since May 2019.

After seeing a Habitat Edmonton newspaper ad back in 2018, Blessing and Florence became our fourth homeowners in Slave Lake. When describing their application process, Florence noted that it was so much easier than they’d expected because of the relationship they built with Habitat for Humanity Edmonton.

To say the family was excited at the home dedication ceremony is an understatement. A huge one! Out of sheer excitement, Blessing shared that he and his family arrived two hours before the start of this event! Mako – Blessing and Florence’s youngest son – was so excited that he jokingly elected himself the family’s spokesperson and shared how grateful he was to have a new home with ample space to run around in, plus his very own room!

Explaining what home ownership means to them as a family, Blessing shares that this journey has helped his family settle a lot more into their community and Canada as a whole. “We now have hope, and are comfortable in our living situation with three children. Knowing that we have a host of supporters right here in our neighborhood and with Habitat for Humanity gives us peace of mind that we never thought we’d have as new immigrants. We feel at home in our new home.”

The sense of community and connectedness that this family yearned for was realized while they completed their 500 volunteer hours near their home. Close friends and other Habitat homeowners helped them complete their hours in record time. “A perk of this process”, Florence notes, “is being able to see more of Slave Lake and be immersed in the culture and camaraderie we knew our kids would thrive in.”

Despite the uncertainty and difficulty of previous rental situations, both Blessing and Florence are confident that their new life in Slave Lake will be filled with happy moments with their growing family.

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