What is Habitat for Humanity Edmonton?

Habitat Edmonton is a charity that provides families with a hand-up into affordable homeownership. We provide many families with a fresh start and promising future through the Habitat program, and yet, with nearly 800 families served, there are still misconceptions about Habitat Edmonton and the work we do.

With our unique place in the housing continuum, we help families transition from renting to owning an affordable home so they can focus on other meaningful goals in their lives outside of stable and secure housing. To carry out our program, we raise funds and run a social enterprise (ReStore) to ensure sustainability for the long-term. We also offer hands-on experiences for individuals and corporations to give back to the community in a meaningful and memorable way through volunteerism and programs, and support Habitat’s work through contributions to projects around the world.

There is so much more to Habitat for Humanity Edmonton than meets the eye, and so we offer you five things you might not know about Habitat for Humanity Edmonton.

Families buy homes from Habitat for Humanity – they are not free.

Families purchase a home at market value, and we structure their mortgage to be affordable. Habitat splits the mortgage into two. Homeowners start paying the first mortgage monthly, and Habitat holds the second mortgage interest-free for 20 years.  

People of all backgrounds can partner with Habitat.

Habitat’s founder, Millard Fuller, developed a concept called the Theology of the Hammer. This concept means that even though we may have differences in our worldviews, we can all agree to pick up a hammer to help those who need a hand-up. At Habitat Edmonton there are even more opportunities to help, as we have five ReStores, offices, and special events for which we need volunteers.

Habitat homeowners help build stronger, more vibrant communities

For families who need to spend more than one-third of their income on housing, important needs like nutritious food, education, transportation, children’s activities, and saving/investing for the future are often on the backburner. Affordable homeownership allows parents to prepare a solid future for their children, to participate in community life, and to contribute to the tax base. Habitat Edmonton homeowners’ property tax payments totaled over one million last year.

Habitat for Humanity is a charitable, non-governmental organization

Habitat Edmonton is an independent, registered charity led by a local volunteer Board of Directors. While we do accept government funds, grants, and property to advance our mission across northern Alberta, we are not an arm of a municipal, provincial, or federal government.

Habitat builds quality homes

All homes built by Habitat and our partners must meet building code and match quality of homes in the communities in which we build. Every Habitat project results in quality homes that will pass city, town or county inspections. Our build portfolio is mixed; homebuilders build some of our homes while staff and volunteers construct others. With the latter, licensed professionals take on parts of the construction (electrical, plumbing, roofing, concrete, etc), and in every case the results are homes that meet or exceed all codes and standards.

To see more frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ page.

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