Volunteer Spotlight: Max

Max Vandersteen has been a valued member of Habitat’s volunteer team for over 15 years. In 2006, Max participated in his first Global Village program, and hasn’t stopped volunteering since. After completing five Global Village trips, he received his leadership training and personally led eight more trips.

In 2010, Max began volunteering with Habitat Edmonton, and since then, he has volunteered with landscaping, home builds, home renovations and special events. Max was one of our wonderful volunteers who helped to build Anderson Gardens, Carter Place, and Neufeld Landing. While participating in the 2017 Carter Build, Max helped landscape a brand new playground, that children from the neighbourhood enjoy to this day. Most recently, Max has participated in our first ever Upcycle Challenge. He created his own coffee table from materials found at ReStore and around his home, which he then donated to Habitat.

Max believes in Habitat’s values, evident in his 16 years of volunteer work with our organization.

“I really believe in Habitat. Providing the opportunity for people to have a home for their family is such a worthy cause,” he says.

Throughout his 16 years of volunteer work, Max has built strong friendships.

His favourite part of volunteering with Habitat is the people he meets. Max has built friendships with volunteers, staff and homeowners, and the memories he has made stay with him to this day.

Whether volunteering with Global Village or here in Edmonton, we are grateful to have such a wonderful volunteer on our team.