The need for affordable housing in northern Alberta: how you can help

Habitat for Humanity Edmonton is mobilizing communities to address the need for affordable homeownership in communities across northern Alberta. The need for affordable housing and homeownership is on the rise. A March 2024 report shows 2-bedroom rent prices in Edmonton have climbed by 15.7% to $1,639 since March 2023, which places enormous strain on the ability for households to save for a down payment and pushes homeownership further out of reach.

Last year Edmonton (and all of Alberta) experienced a surge in migrants as well as a significant decrease of housing starts. This has added to increased house prices, high inflation, and other factors that have dampened the ability to purchase a home. Some home buyers in Canada are trying to attain homeownership by co-buying with family and friends to sneak their toe in the door of the market.

Habitat Edmonton remains focused on adding more affordable homes to the market. We are completing a duplex in Edmonton, four homes in Cold Lake, and preparing for builds in Sherwood Park and Leduc. Alongside new construction, we provide Edmontonians (and others across northern Alberta) with an option to purchase an affordable home through our Buy Back program.

There is an urgency to provide people with adequate housing, and Habitat frees up rental properties by transitioning eligible Edmontonians from renting into owning. We are proud of our legacy – we’ve helped over 880 households experience the strength, stability, and self-reliance that comes from being a homeowner.

We need financial support to continue to build homes and offer homeownership to those who need it most. Please consider donating to Habitat for Humanity. Your donation allows us to build homes and serve Albertans through our affordable homeownership program.

Amanda’s story in the video below shows one family’s unique approach to homeownership that was facilitated by Habitat Edmonton.

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