Opening doors for Fartun and her children

Fartun and her children moved into their Habitat home in December 2021, and over the past year, home ownership has transformed their life. Before Habitat, Fartun and her children lived in an unsafe neighborhood. Fartun was so concerned for her children’s safety that she quit her job in health care and began driving a bus so she could keep a closer eye on her children. When they were not at school, Fartun would bring her children to accompany her as she drove her routes.

Today, Fartun says she lives in heaven. She left her job as a bus driver and is studying for a career in family counselling. She once again works in health care and is confident knowing her children are safe when she is not at home. Fartun often visits the library to study, and is at ease knowing her children are in a safe neighborhood.

Although Fartun’s original application for affordable home ownership was not successful, she did not give up. For the next three years, Fartun worked hard to improve her credit and increase her income, and reapplied for home ownership in 2021. Her hard work paid off, and only two days after her second application, Fartun received the good news.

“The day I applied I gathered all my family and asked them to keep their fingers crossed,” says Fartun. “Everyone wished me luck and said ‘if it’s meant to be yours it will be yours.’ When I found out I was approved, tears were streaming down my face. I was over the moon.”

Fartun now has a safe home where her children can grow, and this change is noticeable in her children. They are much happier and enjoy walking to school each morning. They now have hopes and dreams, and talk about going to university and one day buying their own home. For Fartun, being a homeowner has provided her with a sense of belonging. She now has a home to call her own and is moving forward in life.

Fartun is grateful to everyone who helped her become a homeowner.  

“Habitat makes dreams come true and helps families find homes they have always dreamed of,” says Fartun. “My family and I, even my mother, cousins, nieces and nephews, know how grateful I am. They even say ‘thank God for Habitat.’”

Fartun encourages anyone looking for affordable home ownership to maintain hope and not give up.

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