How your organization can help families become homeowners

Even after saving many years for a down payment, 28% of Canadians are still at square one in their pursuit of homeownership, according to a 2022 Habitat for Humanity Canada affordable housing survey. A home of their own remains out of reach while their housing situations grow more and more stressful. Climbing interest rates and rental costs push them further away from ownership, and there is seemingly no reprieve in sight.

Affordable housing continues to be a hot topic in Canadian conversations, as it should be. It is an issue that concerns us all. Habitat for Humanity has had a strong voice in that conversation in Edmonton since 1991, as we have helped over 850 families through our affordable home ownership program. Applicants do not need to save for a down payment, and our unique mortgage model puts them on the path to home ownership much sooner in life, helping reduce stress and start to build equity for a promising future.  

Habitat Edmonton is continuing to work towards a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live, and there are a couple simple ways you can help us do just that:

First, you can let others know that there IS an affordable way to own a home. Our program requirements have recently changed, and we are proud to open to our doors to families, couples, seniors, and singles. Now anybody can apply to become a Habitat homeowner at

Secondly, we require your support. There are many ways to contribute to Habitat: cash donations, Team Building Days on site, or donations to our ReStore are just a few.

Thank you for keeping affordable housing and homeownership a topic in Alberta and Canada. Together, we can make a big difference for those in our community.

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