Building Strength

If you’ve been around Habitat for Humanity for any length of time, you’ve likely heard that Habitat helps families build strength, stability, and independence through affordable home ownership. I want to share what each of these words means to Habitat and the families we serve. Today, we’ll examine strength. How does owning a home boost a family’s strength?

One definition of strength is the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure. In a world of high rent, many parents are pressed to the max, unable to save for a down payment while balancing the needs of their children, which places them in a cycle of simply trying to make ends meet from paycheque to paycheque.

Our families experience a night-to-day change when they become homeowners. What was once a struggle to make ends meet has become an opportunity to thrive. Their rent payments are replaced by equity-building payments that prepare them for a solid future. Parents can then turn their attention to saving, investing, self-development, and education. They now have a foundation that allows them to build a stronger self and future.   

Habitat does not give away homes to families. Families become homeowners and actively contribute to building home equity. Families build strength through volunteering 500 hours of their time. Moreover, in speaking with many of our families, it is evident that they have much to give to the world and only require a boost of confidence to start them on the right foot. So Habitat steps in to equip our families with the proper tools to build:

  • their confidence by supporting them through the challenge of the homeowner process,
  • their knowledge by equipping them with the tools they need to be successful homeowners,
  • and their potential by removing barriers to a financially and socially stable life here and now.

Strength is one of the benefits of Habitat Home Ownership. When parents first come to Habitat, they are looking for the trademarked Habitat “hand up” that we frequently speak about. This “hand up” certainly puts families on a path for a strong, successful future. That said, Habitat cannot help families build strength in isolation; we need strong community support to help parents and children to forge their new path. Thank you for continuing to be a community who sees the potential in the parents and children we serve. Your support ensures we can continue to help families build strength through affordable home ownership.


Dr. Ann-Marie Reddy
President & CEO

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