Angela’s Story

Before Habitat, Angela and her son, Cobus, lived in an apartment building where they did not feel safe. Although Angela had two jobs and worked hard to save money, she found herself unable to save for a house. With rent much too high and a down payment out of reach, Angela was stuck, and worried she would never be able to afford a safe and stable home.

One day, Angela heard about Habitat for Humanity’s affordable home ownership program. She was surprised to hear that the program was offered in her community of Grande Prairie, and jumped at the opportunity to apply. She was relieved when she learned she was approved, and a weight was lifted off her shoulders.

When Angela and Cobus moved into their new home in November 2021, it felt surreal.

“We walked in and it smelt new and everything looked brand new,” said Angela. “We looked at each other like ‘we live here now!’”

Cobus kept asking if this was their house, and she reassured him that this was in fact theirs.

Angela and her son now have a backyard to enjoy summers, and a basement for storage. They also have a garage with a work table and table saw, where Angela enjoys woodworking in her spare time. Most importantly, they feel safe and secure. Angela doesn’t worry about her future, and she enjoys the freedom of home ownership. They are now able to paint their rooms the colour they want and decorate their backyard as they please.

Since moving into their new home, Angela has also noticed that Cobus has changed. He is more relaxed and sleeps well at night.

Angela says that owning her own home changed her life, and she has encouraged those in a similar situation to hers to apply for Habitat home ownership. She is grateful for the support she has received, and thanks everyone who helped her become a homeowner.

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