Volunteer Spotlight – Soobin

Many volunteers have told us that volunteering with Habitat Edmonton is like joining a big, welcoming family. Soobin, a University of Alberta Psychology student, has been a valued ReStore volunteer since she joined the Habitat family in 2021. “It feels like I’ve been here for so much longer because of how welcoming everyone is – I fit right in from the get-go.”

Soobin explained that the reason volunteers at the Habitat ReStore is because she knows her time ultimately helps families change their lives, and she wanted to be a part of this transformation. “Every single donated item, every single purchase goes towards a greater good: making dreams of owning a home a reality,” said Soobin. “I feel like it’s my responsibility to give back to the community and lend a helping hand, even if that means giving of my time while I’m in school and working elsewhere.”

“The ReStore is a wonderful cycle of everyone helping each other out indirectly, but having a direct impact in the end. It starts with people who have items they no longer have use for who donate them to the ReStore to give them a new life. The cycle continues when people buy the products and the proceeds help families in our community start a new chapter in their life. “

Whether she is carrying one end of a table or sorting through donations in the receiving area, Soobin is an important part of Habitat for Humanity. She is transforming her community, one shift at a time.