Loretta’s story

Loretta’s home ownership journey began three years ago while living in Metis Urban Housing with her four children. Following a quick referral process from Metis Urban Housing and encouragement from a close friend, Loretta had her first interview with Habitat Edmonton shortly thereafter. Within three months, Loretta and her family moved into their Habitat home!

A highlight for Loretta was the joy she saw in Seth, her youngest son. He now had a room of his own with ample space to store his toys and treasures. Knowing that her children have a roof over their heads and are living in a safe neighbourhood – close to their friends and extended family – was the cherry on top! “Being close to a support system that understands me and my family was always important to me,” said Loretta. “Family is everything to me, and I strongly believe that Habitat has given that back to me. I’m so grateful for this experience and the hope that Habitat gives families like mine.”

When asked about what she would say to parents who are undecided about Habitat Homeownership, Loretta simply said, “go for it!” Without the support she received from Habitat, Loretta believes that she wouldn’t be where she is now. “I now have a career, my kids are happy and thriving, and we have space that we can rightfully call our own. As a single mom of four kids, my children’s welfare is always top of mind. Our life is amazing simply because my kids are settled and a lot more independent than they were before we moved here. So thank you to Habitat for Humanity for giving us a new lease on life!”

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