Engineering that tugs at the heartstrings

Paul, a semi-retired mechanical engineer, has been volunteering with the Habitat Edmonton for over 7 years. Because of his dedication to our mission, Paul transitioned from volunteering with the construction department to working with the ReStore South team from the time the store first opened its doors. “I was a part of the crew that built the mezzanine upstairs, we helped convert this warehouse and its offices into what the store is today. After the renovations were complete, I found myself coming back to the store more and more, until I just started showing up everyday to work and help out.”

Working primarily in the background where he puts his extensive engineering experience to work, Paul tests and puts all things electrical back together and ensures that they are in perfect working condition before they go on the shop floor. Over the years, Paul has become the go-to person for a number of customers shopping for new lighting fixtures and anything else technical in the store. “People are always so fascinated and surprised when they find out I’m a mechanical engineer, but I don’t know why. Fixing and assembling things has always come naturally to me” Paul quips.

Whether you’re looking for hands on work like landscaping, putting up walls on a build site or merchandising and selling some of our ReStore inventory, Paul believes that everyone in our community can lend a hand and play a role in making somebody’s dream of homeownership a reality. “Depending on what your hobbies are and what you believe are your strengths, there’s something for everyone here at Habitat.

“I believe in what Habitat does and stands for. Helping someone, anyone, get their own home is transformative. We know that is has positive social impact. Its good for children, its good for couples and the family structure as a whole. So beyond the fact that I’m having a blast in my retirement by working at the ReStore, I feel that Habitat is adding value to society in general, and helping break the cycle of poverty by helping people get into the housing market that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do on their own. Having your own home is transformative, it really is.”

As Habitat for Humanity, we are grateful for Paul’s work ethic, loyalty and outstanding dedication to our mission.