Cindy – resilience personified

My name is Cindy and I have been a partner family for 6 years and even though you are not helping build my dream you are helping to build another family’s dream.

My journey started just over 10 years ago when a friend posted on Facebook that she needed volunteers for her Habitat build. I did not really understand what she meant by her group build so I reached out – boy did I learn a lot! I was familiar with Habitat for Humanity, but in reality I had no idea that they existed in my own backyard let alone what exactly they were about. So fast forward a few years and I found myself in a not so pleasant situation – I became a single mom with 4 young children.

Finding myself in a difficult situation, I started looking into the services and assistance available to single parents – then I remembered Habitat! Every month I went on the website- sometimes 5-6 times a month – looking to see if a home was available in my area.  One day to my surprise- a home opened up in Sherwood Park. I immediately applied!! I went to the general meeting and right after I started on my application. What happened next was a whirlwind. I cannot tell you the time frame as it all seemed to happen so quickly – it was surreal. Finally the day arrived when Habitat phoned me to let me know that I was accepted as a partner family.

I still remember this day like it was yesterday. The rush of emotions that went through me at that moment were mind blowing.

Why did they choose me over someone else? Why did I deserve this over someone else? How am I going to do this? After going through many more questions in my mind and the many emotions – I finally realized…this organization knew my worth and believed in me!! They wanted to help me and my family succeed in this life and give us hope and the opportunity to be a homeowner – have a place my kids and I could call home.

Habitat didn’t just help me become a homeowner – they became so much more. They are a huge support not just in homeownership, but they are walking alongside me and encouraging me every step of the way – they have my back.  Before this entire experience, I was very afraid to talk about me, to share my story, to speak in public. The confidence I have gained over these last few years is unexplainable. I am proud of who I am and how far I have come. There is a reason the rear view mirror in a car is smaller than windshield– where you are going is way more important than where you’ve been.

Each family comes to Habitat with a different story, different situation, and different reasons. Every one of you here are helping a family achieve a dream – whether it is a dream of homeownership, or simply a safe place to sleep for their family.

To every Habitat supporter far and wide, please know that whatever you’re doing, be it giving of your time, donating an item and money, or even shopping at the ReStores, it doesn’t go unnoticed by families. If it wasn’t for the support Habitat receives from volunteers and donors, we know that we wouldn’t have Habitat homes. So thank you so much to each Habitat supporter!

Please donate today in support of Habitat Homeownership.