At home in Cold Lake

Jymboy, Jennifer and their two children (ages 14 and 9) were living happily in Cold Lake. However, try as they might, they were unable to afford home ownership. Living in what was nicknamed the “chicken coop”, a small townhome in north Cold Lake, they had settled into the reality of life-long renting.

The couple soon made a new friend who owned a home in a Habitat for Humanity condo complex known as Spirit Arms. The friend told the couple about her experience with Habitat and how she became a homeowner, even though she was in a renting situation like Jymboy and Jennifer. The friend encouraged them to apply for an upcoming build in Cold Lake. On that day, Jymboy and Jennifer applied, and started the journey toward affordable home ownership.

Shortly after they submitted their application and were interviewed, the couple received a call from Habitat informing them that they were the successful candidates.

“We cried and jumped around and were screaming – it was just like winning the lottery – we just couldn’t believe it,” said Jymboy. “Home ownership meant that I could provide my family with a house. I dreamed, but never thought I’d be able to do that.”

Shortly thereafter, the couple began to work on their 500 volunteer hours. Jymboy said that his volunteer time gave him an incredible feeling of accomplishment. He and Jennifer worked building their own home and also volunteered at the Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre. Possibly the best part of their volunteer hours was making lifelong friends.

Time flew by and suddenly the day arrived when the family received keys to their new home.

“I was nervous because there was a lot of people – but it was a good nervous; I was excited and happy,” said Jymboy. “It was a feeling that’s hard to describe. We all had smiles up to our ears.”

Now the family feels at right home. They are enjoying the larger space, gardening, trampoline fun, and Jymboy enjoys fixing things in the garage. But the biggest joy, according to Jymboy, is their family’s stability – knowing that they are building equity in their home for a promising future.

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