A solid foundation for a stronger future with Samantha

“I’m eager to become a homeowner through this opportunity [with Habitat for Humanity], and for Taylor and Callie and I to have our own space.” 

For Samantha, it’s the simple things that make her new house feel like home: seeing light through the windows during the day, her two daughters having their own rooms for the first time, and being able to put her green thumb to use in her modest garden. In addition, having affordable monthly mortgage payments that will help her build equity and financial independence.

Having heard about Habitat for Humanity through a community program in Rocky Mountain House, Samantha, a single parent, began researching how Habitat Homeownership worked and the most important step in her homeownership journey: simply reaching out to learn more!

“For those that don’t know much about Habitat, but feel you need a hand up for your family, I highly recommend getting in touch.” said Samantha.

Samantha’s homeownership journey began while she was living in a basement suite with her daughters, Taylor and Callie. Despite having a great landlord and wonderful neighbors, Samantha was worried that she would not be able to buy an affordable place of her own that had more than one bathroom, privacy for her growing family, as well as a place to rest that more comfortable for them all.

“It has been an interesting road these past few years and I’m proud of the work the kids and I have put in. I would like to thank Habitat for helping us with this step up in the right direction, and for all the donors and the local Habitat committee for all your hard work in preparing this home for my family.”

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