A new world opens up for Karen and her family

Karen’s Habitat journey began in the office of the subsidized housing complex where she lived with her two young children. As she glanced around the office, a poster pinned on a bulletin board caught her attention. The poster described a home ownership program that helped families, and so Karen visited HFH.org to see if her family might be eligible. To her amazement, they were! Karen inquired about home ownership opportunities in Leduc. She wanted to remain rooted in the community where her family was living. At the time, two homes were available in Leduc, but there were 11 other applicants. Despite the odds, Karen applied, was accepted into the program, and received her house keys in late December of 2013.

Spending 500 hours volunteering at build sites and in the Habitat ReStore was a daunting task. However, a Habitat volunteer named Susan made her feel right at home.

Since becoming a homeowner, Karen has noted that her sense of security and stability has skyrocketed, and that the Habitat program has given her a bright future. “Knowing that the money I’m paying is my money is so relieving, said Karen. “My payments are going to me, not to rent where I’ll never see it again. If I ever choose to move, I’ll have money for a down payment, and that’s important to me.”

A meaningful benefit of home ownership to Karen was the freedom to welcome home their first pet, Loki, a German shepherd cross. Loki was an important addition to the family after the loss of someone special in their lives. Owning a pet was never possible for them while they rented, and Loki continues to bring joy to the family.

Nowadays, the family spends time taking Loki for walks, watching movies, and doing things that families do together. Karen is grateful to Habitat for the opportunity to own a home and for continuing to provide her with the knowledge to repair and maintain her home. She is also grateful for the many volunteers and donors who made it possible for her to become a homeowner.

“It’s been an amazing journey so far, and I know it will continue to be for many, many years to come”, said Karen.

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