Volunteer Spotlight: Hank

Hank has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity for over 30 years. Although he began his work with Habitat in Winnipeg, Hank quickly became a valued member of the Habitat for Humanity Edmonton team. He began working with Habitat for Humanity Edmonton as a board member when we were first founded in 1991. Since then, Hank has volunteered all over our organization at special events, construction, and most recently, at ReStore.

One of Hank’s most incredible contributions to Habitat are his beautifully detailed birdhouses. Hank uses materials from the ReStores to build his unique birdhouses, which he then donates to be sold at ReStore. Hank estimates he has built over 200 homes for birds.

When he isn’t working on birdhouses, Hank volunteers at ReStore Sherwood Park. His favourite activity is greeting customers and donors with a bright smile. “I’m retired, but I find that the time I spend here is valuable not only to me, but to the community, the organization, and society.”

Evident by his years of volunteering for Habitat, Hank believes in our charitable work. He encourages anyone interested in volunteering to consider doing so with the Habitat ReStores.

“When you volunteer with Habitat, you support a worthwhile organization. If you need a place to feel comfortable, safe and useful, ReStore is a good place to be. Everybody can put in a hand here, you just have to be willing to help.”

Perhaps Hank’s own words are the best way to sum up what a wonderful individual and volunteer he is: “The most satisfying way I can live my life is by helping others.” We are so lucky to have Hank as a part of our team at Habitat for Humanity Edmonton. Thank you Hank!