what is Donation Bay Deals?

Do you ever wish that you could go into the staff only areas at retail stores to see what goodies they have in the back?

The Habitat ReStore will be taking you behind the scenes at each of our stores to show you what we have in the back and allow you to PURCHASE it by phone at a discounted price – a Donation Bay Deal! Items that are not sold will go to the sales floor in 24 hours at our regular value-based pricing!

New to ReStore? Check out our gallery of just a few different items that we’ve sold. 

*Offers cannot be combined.

how to participate in Donation Bay Deals:

There are three easy ways to shop on Facebook Live:


Simply log into Facebook and navigate to our Facebook page to watch our live broadcast.


Don't snooze when you see your discounted treasure! Call us immediately to purchase over the phone. Any items not purchased will go out on the sales floor the next day – at regular price!


You have one week to pick up your purchase at the store during business hours.