4724 57 Ave

This could be your new home! This half-duplex includes a kitchen and dining room on the main floor and a bathroom and 3 bedrooms on the second floor. The basement has a bathroom, 1 bedroom, a family room and laundry room. This home includes a landscaped front yard, spacious backyard and a back deck.

Approximate monthly payment (includes mortgage, taxes*, and condo fees): $1,000.00

*Your monthly payment may NOT include taxes depending on the financial institution we use for your mortgage

Neighbourhood Description

The community is quiet and there are nearby parks and recreational opportunities. The Wetaskiwin Hospital is only a three-minute drive away. Wetaskiwin Composite High School, Clear Vista, Sacred Hearts and Norwood Elementary and Junior High Schools are all a 20 minute walk away, and other amenities are nearby.

4724 57 Ave


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