44-2216 24 St NW

A beautiful accessible home with a finished basement! A total of 4 bedrooms, and 2 full baths. Located in the beautiful community of Laurel.

Approximate monthly payment (includes mortgage, taxes*, and condo fees): $1,135.00

*Your monthly payment may NOT include taxes depending on the financial institution we use for your mortgage

Neighbourhood Description

Carter Place is a 58 home development that has a playground within and is located in the community of Laurel in southeast Edmonton. Laurel is bounded on the west by 34 Street, north by 23 Avenue, east by 17 Street, and south by Anthony Henday Drive. Carter Place is within walking distance of the Meadows Recreation Centre, and has close proximity to groceries, schools, and shopping, and 23 Avenue.

44-2216 24 St NW


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