20-4103 123 Ave

This half-duplex home could be yours! This home has a living room and kitchen in the main floor, and a bathroom and 3 bedrooms on the second floor. Complete with a parking stall, this home is waiting for you!

Approximate monthly payment (includes mortgage, taxes*, and condo fees): $1,400.00

*Your monthly payment may NOT include taxes depending on the financial institution we use for your mortgage

Neighbourhood Description

Anderson Gardens is a 47-home development completed in Edmonton’s Bergman community in 2011. The development is comprised primarily of duplexes. The community of Bergman is bounded on the south by 122 Avenue, on the north by the Yellowhead Trail, on the west by 50 Street, and on the east by 34 Street. Bergman shares a community league with the neighbourhood of Beacon Heights to the south. The development has quick access to Yellowhead Trail and many amenities along 118 Avenue. Beacon Heights and St. Bernadette Catholic schools are four blocks.

20-4103 123 Ave


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