Upcycle Challenge

The Upcycle Challenge launched on August 15th at our ReStore in Sherwood Park, and featured three local DYI influencers as they wielded their upcycling skills! Once completed, we auctioned  their furniture items online to raise funds for Habitat’s Buy Back program. 

The before-and-after photos are below, and you can follow our Instagram account to read about the Upcycle Challenge and what Habitat is up to now.

Upcycle Challenge Launch (l-r): Amber Lachambre, VP, Sustainability & Impact, Habitat for Humanity; DIYers - Dez Melenka, Carolyn Wentzel, and Jennifer Grimm.

Amber Lachambre (left) with People’s Choice Award Winner Carolyn Wentzel (right).

Dez Melenka with the furniture piece she has chosen to transform.
Carolyn Wentzel with her chosen upcycle challenge item.
Jennifer Grimm has selected three pieces to transform as part of the Upcycle Challenge.
Dez Melenka's completed piece.
Carolyn Wentzel's first completed item.
Carolyn Wentzel's second completed item.
Jennifer Grimm's finished pieces.
Habitat Volunteer, Max Vandersteen, upcycled a beautiful table!